Forward Payload

Forward Payload sends the payload from a source field to destination field.
Supports only for the Field resource.

  • Navigate to Operations >> Forward Payload
  • Click on Add button
Form View
  • On the Source Field and Destination Field type Field ID, displays matching ids as a dropdown. forward payload
id: forward_water_level # (1)
description: Sends tank water level to display node # (2)
enabled: true # (3)
srcFieldId: field:mysensor.1.1.V_VOLUME # (4)
dstFieldId: field:mysensor.13.1.V_VOLUME # (5)
  1. id - should be unique across forward payload
  2. description of the entity
  3. enable - enable/disable this entry
  4. srcFieldId - source field id
  5. dstFieldId - destination field id
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