Getting Started


Installation can be done in two different methods,

  • Run from the executable binary bundles
  • Run it as a container

Hardware Requirements

  • Disk Space: ~100 MiB
  • Memory(RAM): ~50 MiB

Software Requirements

  • InfluxDB - used as a metric store
  • Optional
    • Docker or any container orchestration (if you plan to run MyController container image)
    • MongoDB - can be used as a configuration store

Dependencies Installation

Migrating MyController from 1.x to MyController 2.0

  • MyController 2.0 is completely redesigned.
  • You can not migrate from 1.x to 2.0
  • However for sometime you can run 1.x and 2.0 simultaneously and migrate your configurations manually
  • If you are using MySensors serial port to connect your sensors, use 2mqtt to share your sensors network to both 1.x and 2.0

Install MyController Server

What Next?

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