Toolbar component contains various elements like filters, Action Buttons, Quick Buttons.
Toolbar will be placed on top of all the list resources page.



  • By clicking the Filters button you can see the list of available filter options
  • Each filter is a field on the resource
  • Selecting more than one filter applies AND logic
  • By selecting a filter you can see one of the following filter
    • Text input filter
    • Selection filter
    • Labels filter

Text input filter

This filter works in two different modes

  • Regex
    • In this mode performs case insensitive and is the value contains search
  • Is In
    • When supplying same option filter more than once, filter mode for that field switch to Is In
    • Verifies that particular field has one of the input filter2

Selection filter

This filter works same as Text input filter

Labels filter

Label filter is a special filter used to filter a resource by labels.
You can supply label in the format of key=value


  • location=external
  • zone=south
  • version=2.0.2

Action Buttons

  • By selection one or more number of row, the action buttons drop down will be enabled
  • Selecting an action on the dropdown apply to all the selected resources

Quick Buttons

  • Couple of quick buttons will be on the toolbar
    • refresh button - Refresh button, reloads the resources from the server
    • add button - Add button, takes to add resource page
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